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Article 1. About the Company

1.1 Ok International Post LLC (the ,,Oki Post”) is carrying out the transportation of parcels to different destinations around the world;
1.2 The address of the company: N19g. Alexander Kazbegi Avenue, Tbilisi. 
Phone number: 032 2 121 888;
1.3 Website: ;
1.4 Mail:;

Article 2.  The Subject of the Agreement

2.1 The subject of this Agreement is the provision of parcel transportation services from the consumer-indicated warehouse to Georgia. Also, the transferring of parcels/documents from Georgia to different destinations(Export). The transportation of parcels is conducted under the name of the company and at the expense of the consumer;
2.2 Every natural person or legal entity can utilize the service of the company after being registered at the website of the company . However, in the case of using a transportation service from Georgia, a consumer can operate this transportation service without being registered on the website;
2.3 Without being registered. Registration is free of charge. By being registered on the website, a registered person confirms that already had read and agreed to the terms of the agreement;
2.4 An executor has the right to enter into agreements with the third parties to provide the service that had been taken into consideration by the previous subject of the contract;
2.5 The relations between the parties are regulated by this Agreement and the rules established by the current legislation of Georgia.

Article 3. The cost of Transportation and Payment Terms

3.1 The cost of transportation is calculated based on the particular day that the consumer purchased the parcel that was delivered to the warehouse in a foreign country (China, USA, Germany) and by the exchange rate of the commercial bank’s reflection of USD in Gel provided by the commercial banks and reflected in the private profile. In the case of sending a parcel/document from Georgia, the cost of the transportation is calculated according to the rate of commercial banks available on the day of sending. The rates of shipping are given on the website
3.2 The payment process is carried out on the company’s website, ,via the bank plastic cards – a consumer has the opportunity to top up the balance and pay the  cost of parcel transportation;
In case a consumer has received several shipments, the consumer can choose the sequence of the payment for transportation fees and their delivery. If a consumer has a debt, the executor has the right not to provide a service on a new shipment and/or not to give a shipment, until the whole debt will be covered by the consumer. The consumer has to provide the  payment of the shipment after a parcel’s arrival day to Georgia for 20 days (calendrical). After the expiration of this period, the consumer is obliged to pay commission for the storing of the cargo that comprises 1 Gel per every day passed in the storage facility. After 60 (calendrical) days the cargo will be transferred to the ownership of “Oki post” and “Oki post” retains the right to handle it by its discretion. In the event of a parcel export, the payment is being carried out on the day of the payment order or when the parcel will be delivered to the recipient; 
3.3 The costs of transportation are calculated according to the total weight of the parcel, and consist of the maximum costs between the actual and bulk weights;
3.4 The calculation of the volumetric weight is carried out according to the following formula: length * width * height / 6000 (measured in centimeters). The rounding of the weight is conducted on the basis of 100 grams;
3.5 In case a parcel/document is transported from Georgia, the transportation fee is calculated based on the total weight of the parcel and on the costs of other services chosen by the consumer. See the details on the company’s website.

Article 4. Declaration of a Parcel 

4.1 It is mandatory for a consumer to provide a declaration of the parcels (indicating the name of a sender, a shipping code, a name of a website from which the item was purchased, indicating a cost of an item, description of a parcel) those are subject be to customs clearance. The parcels worth 300 Gel or more, weighting 30 Kilograms or more; or comprises as the uniform commodity is subject to customs clearance. Declaration of parcels should be done in the consumer’s profile according to the data indicated above. The consumer has comprehensive responsibility for the accuracy of any kind of information about the parcel, that was declared during the process of declaration of the parcel. The consumer is also responsible for the customs clearance procedures, however, in case of a necessity, the company can provide a chargeable service to utilize simplified customs procedures; 

4.2 The consumer should carry out immediately the preliminary declaration of the parcel as soon as receiving a tracking code by a sender, in order to be preliminary reflected the information about an entry of the parcel into the warehouse in its profile. This will help to identify the parcel immediately after arrival into the warehouse and it will eliminate the possible drawbacks related to the identification;
4.3 An executer compiles customs declaration according to the consumer’s declaration. Preparing customs declaration is chargeable and the costs are provided on the following website:
4.4 A consumer receives the prepared customs declaration with a belonged parcel- the declaration is uploaded in the consumer’s profile or sent to the email that was indicated by the consumer during the registration;
4.5 The payment of excise is realized in any bank, 30 (thirty) calendrical days after printing the declaration. The stated rule does not apply in exceptional cases that are envisaged by the legislation of Georgia; 
4.6 An excise procedures are regulated according to the legislation of Georgia, consequently due to the suspension of the parcel by the customs services and/or not providing information by consumers or non-fulfillment other obligations, in case of transition of parcels in the state’s ownership or imposing sanctions on the consumer, the consumer cannot submit a complaint to the executer on that the executer did not provide relevant information about the established regulations and sanctions imposed by law; 
4.7 In case of imposing a fine on the company by the customs service or the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, when a consumer does not fulfill entirely or partly the terms of service, the company is entitled to enjoy a right to charge a consumer according to a similar penalty;
4.8 In the event of shipment of a parcel/document from Georgia, in case of exceeding the cost that comprises 15 000 Gel, a consumer is obliged to upload the document for customs clearance.

Article 5. Consumer’s Obligations and Responsibilities

5.1 By registering on the company’s web-page a consumer fills the special form created by the executor and appointed for the registration. After being registered, the consumer gets on the website a private profile with an identification number;
5.2 While being registered on the website a consumer indicates precisely the data of personal and contact information. An executor is not responsible for the created damage that was originated from the misinformation provided by the consumer. In such a case, all responsibility is transferred to the consumer and an executor has a right to demand an entire compensation when the damage has occurred;
5.3 A consumer cannot enjoy the right to order such cargo that’s transportation is forbidden by the legislation of Georgia as well as the legislation of the countries from where the transportation of cargos is carried out. Additional information about prohibited items is posted on the company’s website;
5.4 If a consumer, despite the prohibition, still sends mentioned cargo to the executer’s warehouse, the executor has a right not to receive such cargo in the warehouse or in case of receipt to ask the consumer to use the so-called ,, Return label’’ (so-called the return label). If the consumer does not provide the ,,return label’’ within 10 days, the executer disclaims the responsibility to return the stated cargo to the sending company and/or the natural person and retains a right to dispose of the mentioned cargo at its discretion;
5.5 A consumer also is not entitled to order the executor to send such cargo from Georgia that transportation is forbidden both according to the legislation of Georgia and the countries where the cargo is shipped;
5.6 Taking into consideration the abovementioned paragraph the responsibility for the costs will not be imposed on the executer. Also, the executor has the right to charge the consumer for the damage caused.

Article 6. Responsibility of the Executor

6.1 An executor takes responsibility to provide transportation to Georgia of consumer’s parcels from the moment of their delivery to the addressee in the warehouse as well as from the moment of signing the document of receipt of the parcel in the warehouse until its delivery to the addressee; 
6.2 In case of shipment of the parcel from Georgia, the executor becomes responsible for the transportation of the shipment from the moment of their delivery to the executer’s office, and the relevant documentation is signed by the representatives of the company until the time the addressee receives the parcel. In case of using a courier service – from the moment delivery of a shipment to the courier, that must be confirmed by the relevant signature;
6.3 An executor is not responsible for the quality or type of products that were purchased by the consumer. Also, on such objects, those are packed improperly by the store and/or natural person. 
6.4 The executor is also not responsible for written off, repaired, or secondary items; 
6.5 If a parcel does not have accurate data provided by the consumer or/and store, does not coincide with, or lacks miscellaneous parameters, the executor is not responsible for timely delivery of such parcel and delivery to the consumer. The procedure will be prolonged by an unspecified time until the recipient of the parcel is fully identified;
6.6 The executor can enjoy the right to repudiate providing the service if the characteristics of the cargo or other information provided by the consumer are not complete;
6.7 The executor is not responsible for such parcel that does not show external damage to the packaging, which should be checked on the spot before the parcel will be taken out of the office or in the presence of a company representative during providing a courier service;
6.8 In terms of parcels to be sent to Georgia, parcels those are sent from foreign countries (from where parcels must be transported) internal post couriers the company will not take any kind of responsibility for parcels delivered to the wrong address and/or unsigned by the company representative;
6.9 If the goods, which were duly purchased by the consumer to send to Georgia and are entered in the executer’s warehouse in compliance with all the terms of this agreement, has the signature of the executer’s warehouse representative and has not been reflected in the consumer’s private profile, the consignment was lost or damaged, the executor is obliged to compensate the consumer for the caused damage. The amount of the reimbursement is determined by the cost of the product, which is indicated in the document confirming the purchase of the product and does not exceed the cost indicated by the consumer during preparing the declaration; 
6.10 An executor will not be responsible for the following occasions:
Late arrival /arrival of the cargo that is caused by the airline;
In case of detention, confiscation, seizure of the goods, due to the consistency of cargo or/and documents incorrectly declared or non-payment of the customs’ fees, by the customs and/or relevant state services;
Damage caused by the consumer providing incorrect or incomplete information to the company.

Article 7. Courier Service in Georgia

7.1 Courier service is provided both in Tbilisi and in distinguished regions of Georgia. The terms of the courier service are demonstrated on the website of the executor
7.2 In case of the consumer is not at the address indicated by him/her and /or does not answer the phone, the parcel arrived to Georgia will be returned to the office and the consumer is obliged to take the parcel out of the company’s office. Furthermore, the costs paid to courier service will not be refunded to the consumer;

Article 8. Terms of using the self-service terminal to deliver parcels arriving to Georgia

8.1 Self-service terminal comprises an electronic device through that the consumer can receive the parcel by typing on a terminal the special code consisted of 8 digits;
8.2 The terminal code is sent by a short text message so-called SMS and also indicated in the consumer’s profile;
8.3 During registration a consumer is obliged to indicate precisely the mobile number, and in case of changing the mobile number to ensure its updating;
8.4 The 8-digit code of the terminal is sent only to the consumer and the consumer is responsible for its confidentiality and / or loss;
8.5 When receiving a parcel through a terminal, the consumer does not need to present the confirming document of an identification card or signature receiving of the parcel;
8.6 A parcel can be received by a third party only if it has the permission of the recipient of the parcel and the code of the relevant terminal;
8.7 In case of transferring the terminal code to the third party the responsibility lies on the owner. The company is not responsible for transferring the terminal code to a third party;
8.8 In case of occurred problem while receiving parcels in the terminal, the consumer is obliged immediately to notify an operator.

Article 9. Receiving a Parcel

9.1 Parcels will be given away from the addresses indicated on the Company's website.

Article 10. Shipping Service of Parcel/Document from Georgia (Export)

10.1 Both natural persons and legal entities can utilize an export service;
10.2 A consumer should fill an export form to send a parcel/document. The form can be filled out at the company's office, as well as online and by phone with the help of the operator;
10.3 A consumer has the opportunity on her/his own to deliver the parcel/document to the company’s office, or use the courier service;
10.4 Detailed information and terms regarding transporting the shipment from Georgia are given on the company's website.

Article 11. Additional Information

11.1 In the event of a request of the executor, the consumer should provide the appropriate information about the cargo on time, as well as should give the necessary instructions that are necessary for concluding the shipping documents, should provide the compulsory information to fulfill customs related and other actions;
11.2 In the presence of dangerous goods, the consumer should warn the executor about the exact type of danger and, in case of necessity, indicate the safety measures;
11.3 The dangerous cargo that was not known to the executor may be unloaded, destroyed, or defused at any time and in any place, and on such occasion, the company will not be liable for damages;
11.4 The consumer is obliged preliminary to send information about such cargo that consists of oil or other fragile elements, otherwise, complaints related to transportation will not be considered and the executor will not be responsible in this regard;
11.5 The consumer is obliged immediately to check the insides of the parcel when receiving the parcel. Complaints about product damage will not be considered after the product leaves the office, hence the executor is not responsible for possible damage or loss of products in the parcel. Also, while using the courier service and receipting the parcel the consumer is obliged to open it in the presence of the courier and check the insides of the parcel. In other cases, damage claims are no longer considered and the executor is not responsible for any possible damage or loss of the products in the parcel.

Article 12. Other Conditions

12.1 All information and terms of service published on the Company's website constitute an integral part of this Agreement;
12.2 The Executor, after preliminary informing the consumer, retains the right to change the terms and conditions of service, tariffs, or to terminate the provision of services to the consumer without prior agreement;
12.3 The Company retains the right to record and store data related to a consumer relation via the Internet, all variety of the telecommunications or audio-video surveillance systems, including e-mails; Telephone or written conversations, comments on social networks, and all other data that can be used to protect the rights of the company during a lawsuit or other type of dispute in the event occurred with a consumer;
12.4 Consumers’ personal information is protected. The executor does not transmit any information about the user to the third party except it is established by law;
12.5 The relations between the parties together with the conditions considered by this agreement are regulated by the current legislation of Georgia.